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2016 Playoff Champs

Congratulations to Vesta Networks!

Next Scheduled Games

There are no upcoming games on the 2016 schedule.


Registration for this event is now CLOSED.

Golf and dinner - $90 (includes cart)
Dinner only - $30 (spouses welcome)

Event details:

Format: Best Ball Scramble - all players tee off, choose which shot is best and all play their next shots from the location of the best shot.
Tee times starting at 10:30am
Buffet Dinner at 6 pm. Diners can show up in advance and hang out in the clubhouse. Awards at 7:00 pm (all welcome).

Buffet Dinner Menu: Dinner Rolls, Caesar Salad, Coleslaw, Meatballs, Italian Sausage with Sauteed Onions, Grilled Chipotle Chicken, Wild Whiskey Smoked Grilled Pork Chop, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Ice Cream Station and Cookies, Tea/Coffee

Please forward payment to your coach or a member of the executive. First come, first served on tee times/groupings. Please let them know if you have any food allergies or special needs. For additional details/questions please contact Warren Pinto or another member of the Executive.

Deadline for registration is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

End of Season Golf and Dinner

Here are the tee times for the paid registrants for the end of season golf and dinner at Deerfield Golf Course

10:36am- Pinto Warren, Brown Matt, Westover Ken, Candia Pascual Jr.

10:44am- Leyser Mark, Cheeseman Chris, Wycks Brendan, Gonsalves Don

10:52am- Taylor John, Taylor Jordan, Salema Jim, Languay Cliff

11:00am- Cote Kevin,  Kennie Jerry,  Murphy Sean,  Bedard Greg

11:08am- Mulvale Jamie,  Trnkus Brian, Mozewsky Mike,  Tight Rob

11:16am- Timmons Kevin,  Mulvale Tom,  Shier Steve,  Dan Kennes

11:24am- Beaulieu Jim,  Reinke Kerry,  Bonnet Andrew, Jeff McPhee

11:32am- Scully Ryan,  Downey Rob,  Yeo Dale,  Moll, Duane

11:40am- Croll Andy, Grano Frank, Stojkovic Alex, McArthur Bob

11:48am- Marshe John, Cisterna Dan, Sancartier Dan, Beattie Bryan

Dinner only
Juurlink Tony, Gibson Ted, Champagne Mitch (+1), Ruffolo Frank (+1), Worth Jim, Koopman John, Verdenhalven Tyler, Tahir Gary, Everitt Heath, Jordan Taylor +1, Gallant Rick

2016 League Executives

Here are your 2016 League Executives:
Steve Shier - President
Sean Lack - Player Ratings, Injury Replacements, Spare List, Draft Process, Equipment, Uniforms, Sponsors, Logos
Dan Sanscartier - Scheduling and re-scheduling rain outs
Mark Mahannah - Umpire n Chief, Disciplinary Committee, Liaison with City and SPN
Warren Pinto - Social

Curfew Rule revision

AOSP is reverting to the old Curfew Rule:

1.2 Time Limit: No inning of a game shall begin within 20 minutes of the next scheduled game. If the diamond is available after the scheduled time, the umpires may continue play at their discretion, except that a new inning cannot be started after 10:40 PM and no play past 10:55 PM.

Please note the addition of "no play past 10:55 PM" for safety and allow time for clean up. All discretion remains only with the umpire. If there are any concerns with the interpretation and application of the rule, please note the details and forward to the executive. The goal remains to play 9 innings every game. Please limit warm-ups and get the defence on the field and ready to play every inning.

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