Playoff Information

Playoff Positioning

Just a reminder about the tie-breakers to determine final positioning for the playoffs, as follows:
  1. Number of wins
  2. Record against all teams tied in the standings
  3. Run differential of games amongst teams tied
  4. Coin toss

Playoff Schedule (2021)

Just show:

Sun 19-Sep
E 09:00 Oak-Land Ford CruiseShip League Assigned
E 11:00 Blackfire Process & Steam League Assigned
E 13:00 Paragon Downey League Assigned
E 15:00 Aligned Capital Spencer Stuart League Assigned
Tue 21-Sep
E 19:00 Process & Steam Blackfire League Assigned
E 21:00 CruiseShip Oak-Land Ford League Assigned
Thu 23-Sep
E 19:00 Oak-Land Ford CruiseShip League Assigned
E 21:00 Downey Paragon League Assigned
Sun 26-Sep
E 09:00 Oak-Land Ford Blackfire League Assigned
E 11:00 Spencer Stuart Downey League Assigned
Tue 28-Sep
E 19:00 Blackfire Oak-Land Ford League Assigned
E 21:00 Downey Spencer Stuart League Assigned
Thu 30-Sep
E 19:00 Oak-Land Ford Blackfire League Assigned
E 21:00 Spencer Stuart Downey League Assigned

Playoff Schedule

The full schedule can be found under Game Schedule

Please Note

  • Games or whole Series will be moved ahead wherever practical - all Series are the best of three

  • Round 2 match ups will be 1st of Group A vs 2nd of Group B and 2nd of Group A vs 1st of Group B

  • Spares & Replacements:
    The new rule is that there are no spares or replacements during the play-offs. If a player has already been assigned to a team as a replacement, he is eligible for the play-offs. The player they are replacing is not eligible to return to the team. The Executive will review cases where players miss the entire Series and were not replaced, with the possible penalty of forfeiture of all games in the Series at a score of 9-0.

  • To shorten games and start them on time, players and umpires are to be at the park early to accommodate infield warm-ups 15 minutes prior to game time. This will require the Home Team to set the bases earlier as well. After the 1st inning pitchers are allowed only 3 warm-ups (except in the case of a pitching change) and no infield or outfield balls permitted on the field.

  • Playing Rules, Tie Games & Tie-Breakers - Round Robin:
    The round robin games will be governed by the same playing rules as the regular season. Regular curfews are in place - wins will be given two points and tie-games will not be re-played, but rather left as ties with one point to each team. Note: Rule 1.7 will not be applicable for the Round Robin, but 1.6 still stands. Tie breakers to determine the top two teams advancing to the Semi-Finals are applied sequentially, as follows:
    1. Record amongst all teams tied in Round Robin. (if 2 teams are tied)
    2. Run differential amongst all teams tied in Round Robin.
    3. Regular season standings.

  • If required, incomplete games (where 5 innings are not completed) will be replayed in their entirety at the end of the series. All roster players are eligible to participate (i.e. you don't have to keep the exact same line-up as per the incomplete game). The scheduling will be determined by the Executive

  • Please remember the rule requiring teams to stick around until the time limit in the event of a rain/lightning delay, etc. (i.e. umpires cannot call a game before the time limit unless it is obvious that 5 innings cannot be played).

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