About the league

Formed in 1985, the Abbey Oaks Slo-Pitch League continues to be a source of camaraderie and friendly competition for men aged 30 and up. Good sportsmanship with an emphasis on fair play remains paramount.

Players are allocated to the eight teams each year in an annual open draft by the coaches. This ensures parity and also increases the prospects of larger social interaction amongst the participants with team composition changing each season.

Each team plays 28, 9 inning games (weather permitting) with games at Glenashton Park East, located on Glenashton Drive in Oakville. Each team plays twice per week at prescheduled times.

  • Sunday at 9am, 11am, 7pm or 9pm
  • Tuesday at either 7pm or 9pm
  • Thursday at either 7pm or 9pm
Special events include:
  • Annual Draft Night - when players meet their new team mates
  • Annual Golf Day and Awards Banquet - where players wrap up the season in style

With our thanks

The Abbey Oaks Slo-Pitch League graciously thanks:
  • The Town of Oakville (Parks & Recreation Dept.) for excellent facilities and service
  • Our corporate sponsors for their generous support
  • embur Computers for their web design and hosting services (2002-2014)
  • Our players for friendly competition with an emphasis on fair play and camaraderie.

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